Boost Your Workout with Visualization and Mental Imagery

June 30, 20174:57 pm

It’s the most overlooked technique in the gym for building muscle and gaining strength.  It’s also the simplest, easiest and one of the most effective techniques out there to experience gains in the gym.

What’s this magic technique?

Visualization and mental imagery. “Using imagery increases the likelihood of performance success,” concluded a 2012 report in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning published by the National

Strength and Conditioning Association.


So, how do can you incorporate visualization into your own workout?

1. When warming up, focus not just on the physiological preparation for training, but the psychological prep too. Close your eyes and visualize the muscles you will work out. This helps to

put you in the “zone” and blocks all the distractions, anxieties and general mental overload that clog your brain during the day.

2. Then, while you’re working out, for any given exercise visualize the muscle being trained. Imagine it getting firmer, tighter, and stronger. Squeeze that muscle at its peak contraction. This not only provides a physiological benefit that allows more nutrients to be pumped to your muscles, but it

reinforces the mind-muscle connection.

3. Slow down the movement. The more time your muscle is under tension, the harder the muscle is

working physiologically and the better your results. Slowing down the movement also gives you

more time to mentally connect with it, also reinforcing the mind-muscle connection.

4. Close your eyes when doing your reps. This eliminates all the environmental distractions around

you and promotes better concentration and visualization, all while also challenging your balance and


Follow these four steps and you’ll come to realize that this deeper mental connection you have to

your workouts will lead to a better quality workout and ultimately better results.